LED screen allows users to receive feedback and can educate them about sorting. If the waste has not been sorted, the screen will display that information and inform the user how to sort it.

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AI Powered

AI technologies track the waste inside and send the data to an external server for further analytics. These data allow our clients to be track the types of waste being thrown.

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Customizable screens allow the bin to blend perfectly with any decorations to enhance the experience of waste disposal. Touchless lid provide users with the highest level of convenience.

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1 Waste Generated
(Tonnes per Day)
1 Recycled Waste
(in %)
1 Organic Waste
(in %)


What We Offer

Front-End Interface

We aim to engage users in positive food waste behaviors and raising their awareness on recycling. The visual feedback of our smart bin design serves as a reminder throughout their engagement and as a post-actional cue for reflection. For instance, if the user places non-food waste into the food bin, the user will be notified and hopefully, the next time when the user uses it, he/she will be more aware of his/her action.

With WiRa, we envision gradual behavioral change in each user resulting in a reduction of the amount of food waste generated and contributed to food waste sorting at the source.

Keep it simple

A sleek UI to inspire the user

Less is more

An effective feedback to the user

Back-End Analytics

We aim to further understand sorting patterns through our computer vision and analytics technology. Our research and development team have pushed the boundaries on computer vision by integrating both computer vision and sensors to achieve real time tracking as a person throws his waste.

Furthermore, computational analysis will be performed to further understand sorting patterns and optimize your food inventory. Through the information received from the analytics, users can implement solutions that can help solve the sorting problem even more.

Ready to use

Easy to setup

100% Satisfaction

Accurate detection of waste

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